I was part of history yesterday (at least let me feel it that way), watching among millions through TV, of course, the first ever Twenty 20 match played by India. This was the 10th International Twenty 20 match. Having watched a cricket match after few years, I feel the 20:20 format has great potential and in all likelihood become mainstream cricket just the way One-Day did for Test matches. The four hours (half-a-day) is very convenient for the audience to enjoy a good cricket match and sight-seeing all within a day.

In yesterday’s match (India vs Pakistan) it was good cricket with typical swings of an India-Pakistan match till the last ball. I really enjoyed watching the bowl-out which decided who got the 2 points with each side nominating 5 bowlers who bowled one ball each. Of course, the way Indians played left much to be desired!. One thing was obvious, though Indians may not be the champions in the game – Indian businesses (sponsors) are clearly who are paying for the tournament.

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