Finally, I have made the full switch to Vista RC2 and Office 2007 Beta2TR as my primary work environment, from last weekend. I should say I am very happy with the results so far.

Read my earlier post on my experiences with Vista.

Vista – Pop Ups asking Elevated Credentials: One of the things I like in Vista, is that when I run as Normal user, then try to do something like Change settings in Control Panel that requires Administrator privileges, the OS automatically pops-up a dialog-box asking for a different credential (Username and Password). This seems to work in almost all situations – including the upgrade of MSN Messenger. This one in MSN Messenger always used to irritate me, for I had to quit Messenger, rerun it (using Run As command) as Administrator and then upgrade.

Office 2007 Beta Installation: After spending several hours installing Beta 2 Office (separately Office Pro, Groove, Project, Visio, OneNote) and then applying Technical Refresh (TR) for each of them, I realized I can’t run Office 2007. I initially didn’t give a Product Key as I didn’t want to waste an activation if things didn’t work in my hardware, hence activation didn’t happen while installing.

For every user login, I try to run Office, it gave an error “Not installed for Current User, rerun setup”. After searching in Office beta site, it turns out that you need to switch off UAC, run each of the Office 2007 applications once, activate them (or supply with the key) and then turn ON UAC.

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