Learn about Madras Bhashai and I Love Chennai

If you like me who loves the city you live in, then you will certainly love the dialect of the local language also that is spoken over there. In my case, for Chennai (Madras) we have a famous dialect of Tamil Language called “Madras Bhashai”. Just like any other metropolis this dialect is a “Kalakkal” (Mixture) of many other Languages (Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and a high influence of Butler English). Normally I find it difficult to explain about Madras Bhashai to interested, especially to other Tamils, but that was until I came across this page from Wikipedia. The page is a good compilation about everything on this unique dialect of Tamil. Thank you Karthik Ramaswamy (my college classmate) for sharing this link on our alias.

The other interesting link I came across this time was I Love Chennai. This website is a local software designer’s effort on spreading his love for this wonderful city.