Recently one of my friends pointed me to an article in Wired about India’s growing dominance in the IT Outsourcing Arena. It was written by Daniel H.Pink, the White House Speechwriter to former US Vice-President Al Gore. Pink is also the Author of a bestseller “Free Agent Nation”. Here Pink writes about his first-hand experience from both sides of the world. He captures well the feelings of the disturbed White Collar Americans as well as the new Indian Middle class. Here is the full article: “The New Face of the Silicon Age”, you can also hear to Pink’s Interview which went live on CNNfn.

I especially liked the way he closed the article by quoting from Gita. The Gita opens with two armies facing each other across a field of battle. One of the warriors is Prince Arjuna, who discovers that his charioteer is the Hindu god Krishna. The book relates the dialog between the god and the warrior – about how to survive and, more important, how to live. One stanza seems apt in this moment of fear and discontent. “Your very nature will drive you to fight,” Lord Krishna tells Arjuna. “The only choice is what to fight against”.

Let me write in a different post, on what I personally feel about Outsourcing.

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