Rajathandhiram (ராஜதந்திரம்) got released last week, it’s a simple con artist story. I enjoyed last year’s Sathuranga Vettai  which too was a master con story which was well presented, so I was expecting a similar product in Rajathandhiram and Director A.G.Amid hasn’t disappointed on that. Veera and Regina Cassandra starring movie is about how Veera as Arjun gets to rob a jewellery shop in Anna Nagar, Chennai and gets away with Rs.20 Crores. Its not a straight forward robbery, Arjun does it by informing his plan to the shop owner, police and another gangster group, the triple cross is what makes the story interesting. All the main characters have played their individual roles naturally and measured, that adds to the charm of the movie.

In my growing habit of thanking Directors who don’t show a drinking sequence in TASMAC or a love rejection/pathos song or any kind of vulgarity, I wish to thank A.G.Amid for giving a clean family entertainer.

Overall, ராஜதந்திரம் is a light weight yet enjoyable film.



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