Update (23/Nov/05): The latest version of dasBlog can be download from this SourceForge project and support forum is dasblog.us”

As many of you noticed I am using the .NET dasblog engine for blogging. Though the official page for dasblog is still dasBlog.NET, they seem to have moved home to Gotdotnet. Anyways, thanks to Rockford Lhotka, I got the new version of DasBlog today.

Download: DasBlogWebSetup-1-5-3337-0.zip (669.39 KB)

How to upgrade from older versions of dasBlog?.

Though I don’t know the official upgrade steps, since dasBlog is an ASP.NET application, I tried the following XCOPY method and it worked. I ensured that I don’t overwrite the data folders that dasBlog uses (content, logs and SiteConfig).

  1. Backup your entire web folder (say blogfolder1) where you have your current blog running
  2. Extract the zip file and install the new version into a new web share (say blogfolder2).
  3. Delete all folders except Content, Logs, SiteConfig in the current web folder (blogfolder1)
  4. Copy all folders except Content, Logs, SiteConfig  from
    the new web share (blogfolder2) to the current blog folder
  5. Test your blog
  6. Delete blogfolder2 and remove the webshare

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