Recently Microsoft announced Mix ’07 – the conference for web developers, designers and business professionals. It is around April end 2007 in Las Vegas and as of now, I am planning to attend it. I was there in last year event (Mix ’06) and it was big fun. The event had good technologies talked like Atlas, AJAX, Mash-ups, WPF & MOSS 2007. For a relief, the event was not Microsoft only affair. It had good participation from other new age web companies like Yahoo & Amazon. This gave the event a good breadth of topics and speakers. I also liked the format and…

While on my last trip to USA, I saw these beautiful baby dolls in Fao Schwartz. The shop assistant was good enough to give me permission to shot these photos. These dolls were cute and almost like real ones.

About two years back in this IEEE Spectrum Article (“Lighting Up the Andes”) I read about how a Canadian couple is lighting up remote villages in Bolivia (South America) using white LEDs & solar panels. Mission was simple, to free remote communities from reliance on costly kerosene lighting. The solution was to have LEDs – Light Emitting Diodes, the tiny bulb thing that you see in your electronic devices and Traffic Signals. The LEDs were powered by simple Solar Cell Panels. The beauty of their scheme is that they devised a small volunteer operation that blends tourism and charity. (Courtesy: IEEE…

Some incidents disturb you a lot and make you question about the world we are living in. One such incident that affected me was the Kumbakonam School Fire incident – 2 years back, the other one was the shooting that happened yesterday in a US School. During these times, the only thing we can do is to pray.

Americans and People familiar with USA, know “Uncle Sam” is a national personification of the United States. Several years back when I first came across this term , I didn’t understand it but eventually figured it out from the context. Over the years many times when I came across the term, I was curious on its origin and official status but never bothered to check it out. Today I took the effort to find out and got the answer from here & here. It dates from the War of 1812 and there are multiple theories behind the actual origin.