In the late 1990s and especially during dot-com boom days, the corporate dress around the world went through a major change. This was first seen in US Software Firms, then in US corporates, and then in firms around the world. Indian IT firms who modeled their companies, work culture on the USA also followed the same trend.

During this, Ties, Suits and any kind of formal dressing was given a big “No“; Jeans, Collar-less T-Shirt with some crazy message was the in-thing.

Now according to this Reuters Report, Suits and Ties are making a come-back in the US Corporate world.

Personally, I always like to wear relaxed formals (Neatly pressed cotton shirt, trouser and a simple leather shoe) for work. Once in a while I like to have a good silk tie for meetings and on important occassions with a formal suit. Of course, during weekends or late night-shifts, I love the feel of a Blue Jean, T-Shirt & a Sports shoe.

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