While the world is paying tributes to the late American President Ronald Reagan; Reuters today has carried a story on his lighter side. I am giving below two of the quotes that I enjoyed reading.

He told a story about how an old Russian woman had asked Mikhail Gorbachev whether communism had been invented by a scientist or a politician. Gorbachev said he thought it was a politician. “That explains it,” said the woman. “A scientist would have tried it on mice first.”

I enjoyed this for its good timing and also how it communicates Reagan’s strong views on communism in a way that reaches even the common man.

The other quote satires the political office of a President. “A lot of people wondered, ‘How dare an actor has the audacity to run for this job,'” Reagan told the Chicago Sun-Times in 1990. “There were times when I wondered how you could do this job without having been an actor.”

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