Most of the time I am in front of my Laptop with little physical exercise or relaxation, so I decided to try Yoga. That was 4 years back when I first met Mr.Shyam. Since then I am learning/practising Yoga under the guidance of Shyam Master, who also trains many of my colleagues at Vishwak in the weekly twice programs we have in the office.

Yoga (if you do it regularly) certainly helps you to feel more energetic and healthy.

This month Mr.Shyam’s New Yoga Life had organized a 10-day ‘Introduction course on Ayurveda and Yoga’ for a batch of students from Singapore. Last Friday (26th) I was invited as one of Chief Guests for the Awards function where certificates were distributed to all the students who completed the course. I was joined on stage by well-known businessman Mr.Aboo Bucker A., Managing Director of Hotel President-Chennai and President Group.

Yoga & Ayurveda Academy

Yoga & Ayurveda Academy

That’s where I received this beautiful metal horse as a gift from Mr.Shyam. I am happy to receive it for two reasons, one it was an honour to be getting a gift from my ‘Master’, second the “white horse” symbolises my family deity Lord Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva.

The function also had other notable things. It was scheduled at 5 PM and started on time (unlike many such programs in India). The guests on stage (Mr Bucker, Mr Raman, Mr Shyam and myself) spoke briefly and to the point; The whole event got over at 5:25 PM – short and sweet.

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