Though I am in my early 30’s, just like millions of other sedentary lifestyle folks (especially those in IT jobs) I have started to get concerned about my Weight and lack of Exercise.

In my case I have been doing Yoga twice a week for almost 5 years now, which has helped me to control my stress and to a large extend bring in flexibility in my back and joints. But Yoga has to be practiced every day along with proper diet for weight control. That not being the case for me I have started gaining weight in recent years, especially due to working late and disturbed sleep. I have tried walking, but didn’t suit my timings, so decided to exercise in my own timings and indoors, I finally bought a treadmill yesterday. The machine (2.5HP) got delivered today and I have started my first work out. Hopefully I should do it every day.

The purchase was an interesting experience y’day in the shop (ACME, K.N.K. Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai). The machine costed about Rs.45K but the sales tax in Tamilnadu was 21% or so. It seems in neighbouring Karnataka (Bangalore) it is half of this and I can end up saving say about Rs.3-4K if I give a Bangalore address. I strongly declined the offer (the guy looked at me pretty strange and surprised though) and instead requested for a Chennai billing for two reasons: One, of course doing this is the right thing (by law); Second, I don’t believe these sales guys when they say you can save money – I have burned my fingers enough over the years and become wise (I suppose) to know there to be hidden costs and trouble to pay. Especially when it comes to service, they will certainly take you circles just because you have done an out-station billing.

My New Treadmill

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