• TV Show Review

    The Naked Director (2019)

    The Naked Director (2019) is a Netflix Original TV Show from Japan. It is about the Adult magazine and then the Adult video industry in the 1980s Japan. We get to see the underbelly of the Japanese businesses, their nexus with the corrupt police officers and the dirty underground trade – a shocking revelation to what we outsiders consider being a disciplined country. What makes it standout from the other Rated R shows, is its strong casting and a powerful story of one man’s belief, struggle and success against all odds. A junior salesman Toru Muranishi cannot sell even a single copy of his company’s English encyclopedia. Luckily, he gets taken…

  • Another Life (2019)
    TV Show Review

    Another Life (2019)

    Netflix is on a spree producing Sci-Fi series. The latest is Another Life (2019) starring Katee Sackhoff. It is about a crew of astronauts flying the first faster than light (FTL) powered spacecraft in search of a planet from where an artefact seems to have landed on earth – who are the aliens, are they friendly or hostile? From the beginning, it was clear the series didn’t have many ‘new’ imagination, but thanks to right casting and good writing it kept me engaged to watch the whole Season 1. It starts with the arrival of an artefact from an unknown location, reminding us of the classic 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).…

  • In the Name of the People (Chinese: 人民的名义)
    TV Show Review

    In the Name of the People (2017)

    //It has been found by the anti-corruption wing of China, that a communist party official in the province of Hainan Mr Zhang Qi, has 13.5 tonnes of gold (worth up to £520million) and £30BILLION in his bank account – all suspected to bribe money. This is likely to make him the richest man in China, richer than the Alibaba’s founder Mr Jack Ma // reports The DailyMail. Reading this unfathomable news, I was reminded of a Chinese TV Series that came a few years ago. In the Name of the People, was about an anti-corruption prosecutor’s efforts to unearth corruption in a present-day fictional Chinese city. I watched half-way through…

  • TV Show Review

    Man vs Wild – PM Modi with Bear Grylls

    It was telecasted more than a month ago, but I watched the Discovery Channel’s Man vs Wild program only today. In this much-advertised episode, the host Bear Grylls takes the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Mr Narenda Modi on a short walk inside the jungle of Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. I have been to this park, one of the largest in India and the home to Bengal Tigers and many other wild animals – when we went in the summer of  2015 we were not allowed inside the core jungle and so we saw only birds, monkeys and deers. I watched the show on Netflix India and it…

  • TV Show Review

    Michael Palin in North Korea

    In today’s connected era, if there is one country that is the least connected and known to the outside world it will be North Korea (DPRK). Till last year, when Mr Trump and Mr Kim Jong-un met in Singapore, the world especially Japan and South Korea were on the fear of a nuclear war in the Korean peninsula. When we hear the country’s name we see an image of a country that is tightly run, food being scarce, and the colossal military drills, gigantic misses and tanks that parade in the city square. Other than these, we knew nothing about the country. In the past I have travelled to South…