Our Great National Parks, a nature documentary blew my mind with its stunning 4K visuals, coverage of extremely hard-to-reach wildlife forests on land & water, and a well-written commentary.  Complimenting these was the majestic voice of the former American President, Barack Obama. If you have a Netflix subscription and even a faint amount of curiosity about our natural world, then don’t miss this series. Without any hesitation, this one gets a Ripe from Mangoidiots.

The five-part miniseries travels to the most exquisite National Parts around the world: Africa’s beaches, Japan’s islands, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Chilean Patagonia, Kenya’s Tsavo Conservation Area, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and the Gunung Leuser National Park in Indonesia. In each of the places, we see so much to learn like the ten-foot-high flower Titan Arum which takes ten years to flower just for two days and smells like rotten meat, the growing up of the Northern elephant seals in Monterey Bay, the breathtaking flying of Leaping lemurs, the family of orca (killer whales) hunting a gray whale calf, sea nettle jellies that are 1.5 feet across and 15 feet in length and much more.

Aside from this one, Mr Obama has produced for Netflix the Oscar-winning documentary American Factory (2019) and recently The G Word (2022) by Adam Conover.

Our Great National Parks (2022)

Our Great National Parks (2022)

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