• I Feel Bad (2018)
    TV Show Review

    I Feel Bad (TV Series)

    This show’s premise was intriguing to me: A multi-racial couple, an Indian parents living nearby, the drama of raising three young kids, and, a female protagonist who is working in a video game…

  • Silicon Valley (TV series)
    TV Show Review

    Silicon Valley (2014-2019)

    If you want to understand the tech giants and the startup ecosystem in the valley of this decade, then don’t miss this TV Series. Future historians will refer to this show to understand…

  • TV Show Review

    The Naked Director (2019)

    The Naked Director (2019) is a Netflix Original TV Show from Japan. It is about the Adult magazine and then the Adult video industry in the 1980s Japan. We get to see the underbelly…

  • Another Life (2019)
    TV Show Review

    Another Life (2019)

    Netflix is on a spree producing Sci-Fi series. The latest is Another Life (2019) starring Katee Sackhoff. It is about a crew of astronauts flying the first faster than light (FTL) powered spacecraft in…