As you know, I’m always up for an RJ Balaji movie – he has got a knack for picking interesting scripts. The buzz around this one had me pretty excited. But let me tell you, it was a bit like getting a haircut you didn’t quite ask for – not terrible, but not exactly a style statement either. It gets a “Raw” rating from Mangoidiots.

The movie had its moments, though. Take, for example, the cute green parrots that pop up in the story – a chirpy addition for sure! And the realistic father-son dynamic was touching. But, here’s the twist – it’s not the laugh riot I was expecting. It is more of a ‘chase-your-dreams’ kind of deal, with our main guy dreaming of becoming a hairstylist. Yep, you heard that right – scissors and combs over punchlines!

Let’s talk about the cast. Lal, as RJ Balaji‘s mentor, was spot on. He’s like the wise barber who knows exactly how much to snip. And the young boys playing Kathir and his pal Bhasheer as kids are adorable! Bhasheer, in particular, sticks by Kathir like good friends should – through hardships. Now, about Robo Shankar‘s attempt at comedy with his quirky English accent… well, let’s just say it didn’t quite ‘cut it’ for me. And hey, keep an eye out for director Lokesh Kanagaraj and actor Jiiva – they pop in for a quick cameo. Lastly, RJ Balaji will do well for himself with more practice of expressing emotions, he comes robotic in most scenes, especially the serious ones.

So, there you have it – “Singapore Saloon” in a nutshell. Not the comedy gold I was hoping for, but hey, it’s got its heart in the right place. Just maybe needed a few more laughs and a bit more style!

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