During the early days of the pandemic, we saw pictures of the roads of the busiest cities in the world being completely empty and with subsequent lockdowns, the scene became familiar. But to see the famous parts of Paris being deserted and void of people in 2008, when this film was made, should’ve been eerie. That’s the feeling the film, 2 Alone in Paris (Seuls Two), by Directors Ramzy Bedia and Eric Judor tries to create in the audience, unfortunately, the rest of the movie in the name of being a comedy comes out absurd and makes you feel stupid. Available on Netflix it gets my ‘Rotten’ rating.

Gervais is a junior inspector in the French police who has been following a master thief named Curtis for over ten years but is unable to nab him or recover the stolen arts and antiques. One day, while chasing Curtis, suddenly, Gervais finds that they both are the only people in the entire city and probably entire Europe. Forced to cooperate the two develop a strange relationship of love and hate. How did they get out of this alternate reality is the reminder of the movie.

It should’ve been difficult to film the popular tourist icons and roads of Paris downtown being empty and for that, the crew of Suels Two deserves applause. Eric Judor as Gervais has given a good performance but the poor screenplay wastes it. The deserted theme reminded me of another European film on Netflix, Bokeh (2017) which I liked a lot.

Ramzy Bedia and Eric Judor - Seuls Two (2008)

Ramzy Bedia and Eric Judor – Seuls Two (2008)

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