Kuiko (2023), directed by T. Arul Chezhian, is a comedy that delves into the aftermath of a grandmother’s death in a rural village, blending humour with poignant cultural observations. The cast is strong, featuring Yogi Babu as a cattle rearer whose life transforms after a stint in Saudi Arabia, Vidharth as an unemployed youth, and Ilavarasu brings depth to his role as the local contractor. Their performances add authenticity to the film.

The first half of Kuiko is distinguished by its slower narrative pace, a departure from typical fast-paced Kollywood films. This allows for a richer exploration of humour and character dynamics, making it a refreshing and enjoyable watch. However, after the completion of the death rituals, the second half falters, falling into cliché and losing the narrative sharpness that initially sets the film apart.

Despite this, the film’s unique setting and strong early narrative make it a noteworthy addition to Tamil cinema. It offers a glimpse into rural life with a blend of humour and realism. Available on Netflix, Kuiko is worth watching for its innovative approach and the compelling performances of its lead actors. Mangoidiots give it a Raw.

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