The Telugu comedy, Narayana & Co (2023) is a story of a middle-class family taking up smuggling illegal goods due to their predicaments and it all goes bad for the silliest reasons. We have seen a similar plot and style used brilliantly in the Tamil film Kolamavu Kokila but here because of a weak script, it falls flat. Still, there were many scenes which were narrated in a light, humorous fashion and they made us laugh.  Mangoidiots gives the film a Raw. It is available on Amazon Prime Video.

The lead actors, Devi Prasad, Aamani and Sudhakar Komakula have done their roles well which saves the film. The younger brother’s character Subbu was understandable but in the name of comedy, some of his scenes were stale and inappropriate. Many of the happenings in the film were abrupt and events leading to them were not complete. For example, we are left confused about what Mr Narayanan, a cashier is accused of by his manager. Similarly, why Preethi’s character tricks Anand into marrying her is a mystery. The cop and gangster friendship was sudden and lifeless.

Overall, a comedy film that was not bad but easily forgotten.

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