The pandemic months when the entire world and supplies were locked out was the worst nightmare for everyone. But, a good storyteller searches for a few moments of humour in those dark days. Corona Dhavan (2023), the Malayalam comedy on Amazon Prime Video tries that. The story is about the struggles the drunkards in a small town go through when there is no availability of any form of alcohol. This is an ideal plot for comedy, but due to a weak screenplay and inaccurate portrayal of the lockdown, it falls short. The film gets only a Raw from mangoidiots.

Lukman Avaran comes as Dhavan Vinu, he is getting ready for his sister’s marriage and ends with several dozen bottles of the famous liquor in the region, the Dhavan. Unfortunately, something happens and the Corona lockdown is also enforced. In a scenario where an entire town is desperate for liquor and there is a man with plenty of stock, what happens next is the story.

The romance between Dhavan and Sumitra (played by Sruthy Jayan) was well-made. The opening scenes of the marriage alliance seeking and the wedding arrangements were typical of a Kerala small-town wedding and were nicely done. Johny Antony as the excise officer fits the role but I was expecting more humour from him, but none came. It was a laughing riot when a drone used for police inspection got lost and a mother comes to the police station to question the inspector. Similarly, the scenes where Gladson, an uncontrollable addict comes were humorous, and Sreenath Bhasi had done the role brilliantly.

Overall, a movie for a simple watch.

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