A series of gruesome murders of women plagues the suburbs of Trichy City, leaving the local police clueless about the killer’s motive and identity. The selection of victims provides no common connection. A seasoned officer from Chennai arrives with his new partner to crack the case. Will they succeed in this thrilling mystery? You might think this sounds like an unoriginal plot, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the superb screenplay by Director Vignesh Raja and the brilliant performances by R Sarath Kumar and Ashok Selvan. This film is a must-watch for fans of this genre, and it deserves a Ripe rating from Mangoidiots.

A veteran but brusque officer and his junior solving a tough case is a familiar theme in Tamil cinema, here too the roles were the same, but the treatment was different. Keeping up with the times we live in, though Sarath Kumar’s character is not keen on taking anyone under his wing, he does not mistreat Ashok Selvan‘s character either. Their rapport is believable and grounded in the contemporary context. There were no unnecessary scenes, and every character, prop, and dialogue gets tied up in the climax leaving no loose ends. The film was well-paced and tightly edited to keep us interested till the end card.

It was sad to see the actor Sarath Babu, who passed away a few weeks ago, acting in probably his last film. Though appearing extremely frail, he has performed his important role convincingly. Nikhila Vimal, from Kidaari fame, appears as the technical officer assisting the case. Background score by Jakes Bejoy adds the right mood for the scenes, in many places, the volume should’ve been lower for the dialogues to be heard better.

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