The Man from Earth (2007) was an interesting thought experiment about a man who has been living for 14,000 years. Similar to how Star Trek uses space and alien races as a different lens to view our social problems, the film presents us with an opportunity to think about the origins of a couple of major religions – though not to be taken literally, it was an exciting idea. Unfortunately, instead of developing the narrative to explore more, the sequel in 2018 simply dwells on the same premise. The only thing new was instead of John Oldman’s colleagues who discovered his secret, here it was John Young’s students who did so. John Young’s character was better developed than in the first film. It will be a good idea for the director to stop doing more films on this franchise.

David Lee Smith continues to do well in his character as John. In this sequel, the four young students were perfect cast for their roles, I enjoyed watching them. The climax where one of the students interrogates John was good writing. I saw the film in Plex.TV service and Wiki says the makers made the film available for a ‘legal’ download from The Pirate Bay Torrent site.

The Man from Earth: Holocene (2018)

The Man from Earth: Holocene (2018)

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