Let us do a thought experiment, what if a human can live forever, not defying death in total but someone who doesn’t fall sick from everyday illness, diseases and not age at all. And what will be our reaction if we get to meet such a person and learn that he has lived for 14,000 years from the Cro-Magnon Caveman times? What will be to live such a long life? You can find out for yourself by watching, The Man from Earth (2007) by Director Richard Schenkman. This was an unbelievably engaging film for a movie that is made on a shoe-string budget. It gets a mangoidiots rating of ‘Ripe’. Be forewarned, unless you are interested in history or Science-fiction, it may not appeal to you.

The story is based on the original work of writer Jerome Bixby. A bunch of college professors including a historian, a biologist, an archaeologist, and an anthropologist meet up in a cabin for a farewell to their colleague Prof John Oldman. In the next few hours over a few rounds of drinks and food, they are discussing history from the time of the cavemen. Suddenly, when a lady colleague remarks that Mr Oldman hasn’t aged a day more than 35, which was ten years ago, he makes an unbelievable revelation, he is actually a Cro-Magnon, who had been living for 14,000 years. Obviously, no one in the room is ready to believe, they keep grilling him and John has realistic and correct answers for each of them.

As a thought experiment, I was wondering what will it be to live not necessarily for 14,000 years but say for a few centuries. I am sure there can be good and fun stuff with such a long life, but how can someone handle the emotions and feelings when they keep encountering their loved ones and friends die around them, kids growing up to adults and making the same mistakes as the generations before them and the cycle keeps repeating. What will motivate you to get up from bed every day?

Other than one or two more revelations, there are no twists or turns in the screenplay, you are just a party to some informative discussions. The actors have done their roles well. Check it out, if you get a chance to.

The Man from Earth (2007)

The Man from Earth (2007)

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