Bell Bottom (2019) is a Kannada comedy film that is set in the 1980s. Divakar is a constable with a local police station, from childhood his ambition has been to become a famous detective. One week, the recovered jewels and cash from robberies kept in the three police stations in the region gets stolen leaving no clues or suspects. Divakar is assigned to solve the mystery. Did he manage to find the smart culprits is the story that has been narrated in a humorous style? If you can keep sit back, switch off logic and relax this is a good move to enjoy. The film is available on Aha Video.

The film is likely to resonate more with those who grew up in the 80s like me. Director Jayatheertha has done a great job of recreating the environment, costumes, props, style and fashions of the age – the title itself represents the style of men’s trousers worn in those days. Played well by Rishab Shetty, Detective Divakar is not a talented guy, yet he is not stupid as well and this average character makes him lovable. He is aided well by the strong female lead played by Hariprriya.

Solving the identity of thieves never seemed to be the motive of the screenplay, it wanders along with the Divakar, we watch him finding his love, his friends helping him, the prestigious case giving him benefits and currency in the area – even with all this chaos, we are hooked and that’s the reason for the success of this film. The first half-hour of the film was highly entertaining, the next one hour was not so much but the last half-hour which reveals the thieves recovers lost ground and turned to be engaging and a good ending. The actual story behind the crime is a cliche one, but that was never the point of the film.

Bell Bottom (2019) - Adventures of Detective Divakar

Bell Bottom (2019) – Adventures of Detective Divakar

I read in papers, a sequel is expected this year, I can’t wait to watch it!

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