Kurangu Bommai (குரங்கு பொம்மை)  is a story about a stolen antique idol, kept inside a monkey pictured travel bag it keeps changing hands, and the double-crossing by the smugglers involved told intervened with a love story.

Kathir (Vidharth) is a call-taxi driver, who goes with his father Sundaram (played by Veteran Director Bharathiraja) and his mother to see a girl for a marriage alliance.  The girl is Viji (Delna Davis), whose father insults Sundaram after knowing he works for the local smuggler Ekambaram (P.L.Thenappan); though the alliance is called-of, Kathir develops an affection for Viji and helps when he finds her in need.

With a short-film sized material, new Director Nithilan Swaminathan has managed to deliver a good feature film. He has managed to keep the suspense about what’s in the bag till the very end. In the scene where Kathir and Viji travel in a near-empty bus, the imaginative dialogues exchanged between them and the budding love has been shown well by Nithilan. Best wishes to see him go to great heights in Kollywood. Though we have seen a somewhat similar plot, of that of a valuable item that goes around in a recent film Kattappava Kanom (2017), Nithilan has shown how to write a good screenplay in Kurangu Bommai.

Both Vidharth and Delna have played their roles to the “T”. Elango Kumaravel is the main villain by the name Sekar in the film, he is an actor who consistently impresses me from the time of his fine performances in Abhiyum Naanum (2008) and Madraspattinam (2010).

I was surprised to find a full house for the night show for a movie with no big names. Overall, Kurangu Bommai is more valuable than a kid’s toy.

Kurangu Bommai (குரங்கு பொம்மை) - Vidharth and Delna

Kurangu Bommai (குரங்கு பொம்மை) – Vidharth and Delna

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