In the world of psycho-thrillers, it takes more than just showcasing a series of gruesome murders of young women, naked and brutally mutilated to send shivers down the audience’s spine. “Iraivan” (2023), starring Jayam Ravi and Nayanthara, woefully falls short of creating a true sense of horror and empathy for its characters. The film feels like a tale of two halves, with the first and second portions struggling to come together cohesively. It lacks direction and purpose, making it a film best avoided. This leaves us with a dismal verdict, earning the movie a “Rotten” rating from Mangoidiots.

In a twisted prison scene, squatting mosquitoes were used to teach a lesson on how to become a serial killer.

While Jayam Ravi‘s character Arjun portrays an honest and fearless cop known for his encounter killings, Nayantara‘s character Priya, who is his colleague’s sister, harbours a deep affection for him, despite his disinterest. It’s almost as if we’ve seen these character dynamics before in the actors’ earlier films. Rahul Bose, playing the antagonist, is handed a role that lacks depth and substance. What’s puzzling is the seemingly random and senseless killings that occur throughout the movie, leaving the audience bewildered. It’s as if even the light boys on the film set were asked to make on-screen appearances just to meet a grim fate.

With a lacklustre plot, bland characters, and uninspired direction, “Iraivan” is a waste of time and money for any fan of psycho-thrillers.

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