Featuring Santhanam and Yogi Babu, Dikkiloona is a romantic comedy with a dip of science fiction. It was released on Zee5 and gets a ‘Raw’ rating. If you can tolerate the half-wit screenplay and the belittling dialogues of Santhanam, the film does make you giggle in many places.

Mani (Santhanam) is a lineman with Tamil Nadu Electricity Department, he gets access to a time machine in a lab run by rogue scientists, and with the help of his friend Albert (Yogi Babu) he travels back in time to remedy his marriage. The first attempt goes as per plan but then it is complicated. In the process, Mani discovers what is true love and how difficult it is to succeed as a state hockey player.

The younger Santhanam appears younger and slimmer, a good effort by the actor to come to that level of fitness. Coming as Albert Einstein the famous scientist, Yogi Babu scores a sixer and saves the film. Though their characters are stale, Munishkanth and Anandaraj manage to bring humour by their acting. Both the heroines Anagha and Shirin Kanchwala have got little scope. Cricketer Harbhajan Singh has been given a guest appearance as Indian Hockey Team’s selection chairman. After Boss Engira Bhaskaran (201), Chithra Lakshmanan has got a similar role which he has done well.

The story starts in 2027; it was unbelievable to see the technological advancements that are shown to have happened in just six years. Mani is seen carrying a star-trek tricorder like device to deduct EB line problems! Santhanam’s mannerisms and acting have become repetitive and dry, more so in the last half. By then, his character’s attempts to fix his life comes as half-hearted and disinterested. With better-written dialogues and skilful editing, the film could’ve been a winner.

டிக்கிலோனா (2021)

டிக்கிலோனா (2021)

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