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In Family I Trust (2019)

In Family I Trust (2019) is a Spanish romantic comedy that is available on Netflix. The familiar story of a lady professional getting heartbroken returning to her hometown to be with her loving family has been told warmly by Director Patricia Font. It was a fun movie to watch and gets a mangoidiots rating of ‘Raw’.

Life has been going good for the young Bea, a steady boyfriend who has recently asked her to marry him, and a successful architect career. Then she discovers he had cheated on her. In a bit of rage, she gets herself fired and comes to her mother living in a small town. Her mother is a healer, who keeps the crazy yet loving family together. Her eldest sister is the local mayor wants to do good to the town but faces stiff resistance and she is getting burned out. Her second sister, happily married and blessed with a newborn is hiding a shame. The family stays together in getting through their troubles and Bea finding her true love is the story.

I liked the way the screenplay takes head-on critical relationship issues, instead of dragging them for long. The small town that was featured was lovely. The gorgeous Clara Lago comes as Bea, the protagonist and has given a lively performance just she did in Orbiter 9.

In Family I Trust (Spanish: Gente que viene y bah)
In Family I Trust (Spanish: Gente que viene y bah)

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