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Alice (2019)

Many artists around the world, in many languages, have written heart-wrenching stories about women getting into (not those who are trafficked) the oldest profession due to utter despair in order to earn a living and save their loved ones.  Alice (2019), an award-winning French film is a modern-day, realistic version of this. The film was not about being sensual, but about the hardships and struggles faced by Alice, the Protoganist who was a loving and caring wife being cheated by her husband both financially and in their marriage. It is available on Kanopy.

Married to a hard-working manager in a firm who is also a writer, Alice with a young boy was leading a happy life. One day the world around her comes crashing down, when she realises her credit card and bank accounts have no money in them – they have been emptied along with the money borrowed on their house by her husband François. Her husband becomes unreachable and with no help coming from her parents, Alice is left to raise a ton of money in a very short period of time. Alice gets into a work that no women will prefer to do and in the process find her life-changing forever.

Emilie Piponnier has lived the life of Alice Ferrand effortlessly, kudos to her. In the first fifteen minutes itself, we start rooting for her. Chloé Boreham plays the character of Alice’s friend, though this was a cookie-cutter role she makes it enjoyable. I liked the climax, which was fresh, and for that and a good screenplay, the film gets a rating of ‘Ripe’.

Alice (2019)
Alice (2019)

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