I had been looking forward to seeing this film Jil Jung Juk (ஜில் ஜங் ஜக்) produced by Actor Siddharth thanks to the excellent promotions the team has done with their trailers and especially the super hit single “Shoot the Kuruvi“.  Adding to the expectation was the great performances Siddharth has been delivering after his reentry to Kollywood few years back with Jigarthanda (2014), Kaaviya Thalaivan (2014) and Enakkul Oruvan (2015).

JJJ is a story that happens in a unlawful society of 2020s, where 3 unemployed men headed by Nanjil (Siddharth) get into couriering a drug consignment for a fearsome drug dealer Deivanayagam (R. Amarendran) whose best years were behind him. The delivery goes awfully wrong and the 3 find themselves in the firing line in-between 2 other rival smuggling gangs led by Rolex Rawther (Radharavi) and Attack (M.G.Sai Dheena).

The movie starts by striking all right cords, with the plot set in year 2020 raising our curiosity, the introduction of Siddharth as a poker trickster was a coup and the bright hues we see are new to Tamil speaking silverscreens. The assistant to Deiva, a “fat” character by name Pai comes out funny & steals huge applause from audience for his dialogue delivery. The scene where Rolex asks his assistant to get the cheer girls into the car with him picks our interest, and it turned out to be something completely unexpected. Though we could guess early itself the (in)significance of his grandfather’s gun that Jil treasures, when it’s secret revealed it was humorous. The biggest plus to the film is Music by Vishal Chandrashekhar, he has created a youth splatter with this album.

With all the right ingredients and the unconventional canvas he has got it is unfortunate Director Deeraj Vaidy  hasn’t given us the comedy entertainment of the year. The main characters of Deiva, Jung & Juk come out as dummy pieces, they being overtaken by Attack, Marunthu & Pai who should have been just supporting characters. In the climax, Rolex (Radharavi) clearly outshines Jil (Siddharth) by miles. Till the end I couldn’t figure out why this story should happen in an unlawful 2020 and not present day.

ஜில் ஜங் ஜக்

ஜில் ஜங் ஜக்

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