Chintu Ka Birthday (2020) is a Hindi-language drama that is available on Zee5. The entire film happens inside a small house in Baghdad where an Indian family stuck due to the war preparing for their 6-year old boy’s birthday party.

In the film there is no action sequences, no chases, no killings, other than a few gunshots and sounds of a bomb-blast – still we are able to feel the outside tensions through audio and dialogues. There was not a single dull moment. There are no good sides or bad sides in the film. None of the characters displayed any heroism or martyrdom and that’s what makes the film stand-out.

We have seen Hollywood films like The Hurt Locker (2008) handle on the ground tensions of urban warfare and Bollywood film Airlift (2016) handle the Kuwait evacuation, but rarely we have seen an Indian film talking about everyday life in a warzone that too outside of India. Chintu Ka Birthday fills the gap and kudos to the Directors Devanshu Singh & Satyanshu Singh.

Vinay Pathak as Madan Tiwary and Tillotama Shome, who acted in Sir (2018), as Sudha Tiwary, bring to life the innocent parents of two lovely kids stuck in a foreign country in war unable to return home.  The kids Vedant Chibber as the 6-year-old Chintu and Bisha Chaturvedi as the elder sister Lakshmi have done their role perfectly.

Some might feel the film to be simplistic, but I liked it. If you want to feel what it is to celebrate every single moment of your life when a war is raging outside, check this film.

Vinay Pathak as Madan Tiwary and Tillotama Shome as Sudha Tiwary

Vinay Pathak as Madan Tiwary and Tillotama Shome as Sudha Tiwary

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