It was an hour past my usual lunch time. As I stepped out of the office towards my car, I noticed there was a car on the street that was blocking the way. There was absolutely no way to take my car out. I asked people standing in the tea shop and those in the area – the car belonged to none of them. That’s when I noticed (see the red arrow in the picture) a hand-written note saying “Driver 9xxxx xxxxx”. Calling him, he came rushing and said “I am sorry, I had to rush for lunch, hence I stopped here“. For which I asked, “by blocking the way, you have delayed my lunch?“.

So careless of others. Still, I didn’t have the heart to scold him more – one, it is pointless to argue with idiots; second, he at least had the courtesy to display his number. Do you agree with me (or) what you would’ve done differently?

A few years earlier in the same place, in the same way, my car was blocked by another car. I had to leave for an emergency at a client’s place, I then took an autorickshaw. When I came back, I was told that the car that was blocking access was owned by a (doctor) surgeon who had his clinic next door. Education, even of a skilled one like a surgeon doesn’t make an individual smarter or civil!

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