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Inconsiderate drivers and woes of poor car parking

It was an hour past my usual lunch time. As I stepped out of the office towards my car, I noticed there was a car on the street that was blocking the way. There was absolutely no way to take my car out. I asked people standing in the tea shop and those in the area – the car belonged to none of them. That’s when I noticed (see the red arrow in the picture) a hand-written note saying “Driver 9xxxx xxxxx”.

Calling him, he came rushing and said “I am sorry, I had to rush for lunch, hence I stopped here“. For which I asked, “by blocking the way, you have delayed my lunch?“.

So careless of others. Still, I didn’t have the heart to scold him more – one, it is pointless to argue with idiots; second, he at least had the courtesy to display his number.

Do you agree with me (or) what you would’ve done differently?


  1. In my take, what you have done is correct considering the 2 points mentioned in the post

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