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Kanne Kalaimaane (2019)

I liked Kanne Kalaimaane (2019) starring Udhayanidhi Stalin as Kamala Kannan and Tamannaah as Bharathi as it was a different family drama with little cinematic clichés – my eyes even got a bit watery at the climax – but being painfully slow the film’s pace may not be liked by many. Kamala Kannan is a young organic farmer (what else in 2019!) in a village near Cholavandan who is raised by his father  (Poo Ram) and his loving grandma (played by Vadivukkarasi). To this village, comes on transfer Bharathi, a bold bank manager from a poor background.  The way, both of them exchange their feelings was so nice and natural – nothing forced. Throughout the film, the dialogues were unpretentious and brief – like when Bharathi ends her phone call to Kannan with a “God bless you” after his family’s rejection of her.

Udhayanidhi Stalin delivered promising acting (can I use that word?) in Nimir (2018) and has bettered a lot in this one, thanks to the Director Seenu Ramasamy who has given a film that he can be proud of. The cast was perfect, but the two ladies Tamannaah (who from Dharma Durai has been impressing us with her character actingand Vadivukkarasi literally steal the show and our heartsThe cinematography by Jalandhar Vasan was beautiful, and the songs by Yuvan Shankar Raja were melodious.

If you are bored with the regular meals from Kollywood, check out கண்ணே கலைமானே, it will be like having a simple porridge (கஞ்சி)!

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  • R.Karthik

    I liked this movie and Tammanah looked very immpresive in her role. The manner in which the film ended was a surprise and the director had left it to the audience on how they want to see the story. Some political comments(on NEET) were not reqd and we can see the politician and producer in US showing his presence. In the age of noisy and violence oriented subjects the slow and calm story telling was like a gentle stroking touch of feature. Good one indeed and thank you hotstar.

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