If I am given just a minute to think of the story for a big-budget spy movie, I am likely to come up with something uninspiring like The Gray Man (2022). The Netflix original film made with a $200 million budget was much talked about in the Indian press for Dhanush playing a role in it. It was good to see Ryan Gosling in a full-length action film after the emotional hit First Man (2018), his excellent performance keeps us sitting through this film. It gets a Raw rating.

Sierra Six is an undercover CIA assassin, while on a mission he gets access to a memory card that may contain incriminating evidence against his boss higher up in the chain. This puts Six’s life at risk, as he is hunted by the hundreds of mercenaries around the world led by a ruthless private agent. Did his colleagues help him, did six stay alive is the plot.

From start to finish, the film was a non-stop action and Directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo present us with an adrenaline-rushing series of chase sequences – chases in Bangkok, Croatia, Berlin, Vienna, Prague and Washington DC. Chris Evans has played the role of the ruthless private agent, proving to be a worthy opponent to agent Six. As Lone wolf, Dhanush gets two short fight sequences, and both he has done well.

Ana de Armas and Ryan Gosling - The Gray Man (2022)

Ana de Armas and Ryan Gosling – The Gray Man (2022)

You like action sequences and enjoy bullets flying all around you, then check out The Gray Man (2022), otherwise stay away.

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