Lately lot of travelling, discussions and changes at Vishwak has kept me away from regular Blogging. But with what was announced yesterday, I simply couldn’t get away without blogging. So here I am.
Microsoft announced yesterday the official name for its next version of (longggg awaited) Windows – code named Longhorn. It is now officially called “Vista”, though when you say it for the first time it is little difficult, I find very attractive, has a distinct “hip” factor to it.
Click on the Vista logo above to go Windows Vista homepage and view the announcement video.
Vista” means A (beautiful) view through an opening (Window?). Certainly makes sense to me. Note that Vista is spelled as title case this means it is not an acronym, it is just a name.
To read more about Windows Vista and the history of Windows, visit this Wikipedia page. The volunteers at Wikipedia don’t seem to stop amazing me with there content; This time there work of having a page on something in an encyclopedia within a day is definitely super!!!

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