There are films that make you sit up, one such film is Nimir (2018). The film is a remake of Malayalam Maheshinte Prathikaaram (2016), which won the National Award for Original Screenplay – the pedigree is obvious on every scene, as the movie was void of Kollywood’s overplay. I liked this film.

Udhayanidhi Stalin as Selvam, a wedding photographer in a small town has done his role well – he has grown up as an actor and certainly knows how to select his script. Parvatii Nair appears as his childhood sweetheart Valli. In the first scene, Selvam jumps into the river with his slippers in hand for a swim, that was shown tastefully in Black ‘n’ White – you realise the movie’s cinematography is going to be impressive – and N. K. Ekambaram delivers just that, every scene was a delight to watch. And the slipper ends up playing a ‘key’ part in the film. Namitha Pramod has got a bold role, yet she appears pleasing – her eyes and smile remind actress Seetha. 

Throughout the film, the dialogues are short and natural. One example: Valli’s father comes to Selvam’s house, hands over his cell phone and asks him to discuss with his daughter to arrive at a pragmatic decision, we get impressed – he behaves, unlike any other Tamil film heroine’s father, who typically come screaming and accompanied by hitmen.

Overall, the story was a familiar small-town love(s) story with the simplest plot – yet by its treatment, it stands out.

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