Superstore is a comedy TV series by NBC that’s been running for four seasons and, I kind of like it. It is about what happens in a store of a large supermarket chain called “Cloud 9”, which covers the interpersonal issues between the employees working there and makes fun of the rigidity of corporate policies.

The story of each episode is mostly ordinary, some episodes even being dull, but the series overall impresses you, thanks to brilliant character definitions – a Christian manager who is extremely nice, a hard-working illegal immigrant and gay “Mateo” (played superbly by Nico Santos), a teenage mother, a rough and tough female assistant manager “Dina” (played by Lauren Ash), a wheelchair-bound receptionist (played by Cotton Dunn) and a bunch of incompetent store assistants. “Ugly Betty” fame America Ferrera, and Ben Feldman brilliantly play the lead pair as Amy and Jonah.

I love strolling through malls and supermarkets, so this series was appealing to me. If you want to unwind after a long day, this series which is running into Season 4, can be a good watch.

Superstore (2015-2021)

Update: October 2021

I liked Season 5. The last season (Season 6), started with the most important topic – the pandemic and shows how the characters react to it in their own way. But, after a few episodes, the season runs out of steam especially considering “Amy” Sosa has moved out to the corporate headquarters.

The show is now available in India on Netflix.

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