Vanna Jigina (வண்ண ஜிகினா) starring Vijay Vasanth (from Chennai 600028 & Nadodigal), Sania thara, Sri Devi and directed by Ravi Nanda Periyasaami, is supposed to be a love story with a message about dangers of false identity in Social Media (Facebook), but due to poor screen play falls short. Paavadaisamy (Vijay Vasanth) is a call taxi driver who is low in self confidence due to his black complexion and lack of college degree. His friends advice him to create a false profile in Facebook using the details of a good looking young photographer and showing a good job, big income. With this mask Paavadai is able to friend, the attractive Angel Priya (Sania thara) who is a budding playback singer. As their online friendship progresses, Paavadai gets to meet Angel in person when one day she comes riding in his call taxi. Paavadai is overcome by emotions and not able to reveal his true identity to her, but seeing him as a good hearted man Angel befriends Paavadai. At this time, enters a villain who tricks Angel to come to his house, when Angel escapes from him Paavadai saves her risking his life. Now comes the big twist and what happens is rest of story, it is not what you will be expecting in the first one hour.

I felt the idea of being black and not good looking though being the pivot of this story, was overused.  Paavadaisamy and the woman (subtly called Karugamani/karuppi) are burdened with added black makeup which was unnecessary. Avoiding this, a better villain plot and a tighter script would have turned Jigina to be a good movie. The songs by John Peters, especially Rosappoo Raveekka is sure to be liked by Gaana song fans



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