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Kanaa (2018)

கனா (Kanaa) starring Aishwarya Rajesh  & Sathyaraj is a familiar sports genre film, that gets appealing because of the unpretentious screenplay of Debut Director Arunraja Kamaraj and restrained acting from the entire cast, mainly the star actors. At few places, the film is dreary and you need a bit of patience, but it comes through eventually, especially the last 30 minutes were engaging.

The film has shades of Dangal (2016), Chak De! (2007) and Irudhi Suttru (2016), which is unavoidable due to the impact these movies had on us for this genre. The story here is of a young girl (Aishwarya Rajesh) hailing from a village who crosses all hurdles in realising her dream of playing for India in a Cricket tournament. Her father (Sathyaraj), is a small farmer who supports her dreams against all financial and community pressures he faces.

The screenplay stays largely focused on the theme and there is no diversion into romance and fist fights. Seeing many “good” characters in the film felt good -the village boys are the ones who initially support and nourish the young girl’s talents – no misbehaving by any of them and they even trashing the outsiders who eve-tease her. The song “Vaayadi Petha Pulla” has already become a super hit on all charts, and Music Composer Dhibu Ninan Thomas has done well with the background score (a bit loud for my liking) as well. The debut actor Darshan, who comes as a local travel’s owner and loves Aishwarya from a distance has been notable, a good find for Tamil Cinema.

Everyone in Tamil Nadu is sympathetic to our farmers who are suffering, but Kollywood seems to be obsessed with their plight – in this film, Sathyaraj‘s character is largely built to do that, than to showering his affection to his daughter.

Overall, an inspiring movie to end the year with.

A request to Kollywood Director(s) – please stop with the banal portrayals of Sports Authorities (in this case BCCI) being incompetent & corrupt, and, North Indians (speaking Hindi) treating South Indians (Tamilians) badly in every Indian Government sponsored departments, we get it. Reinforcing the stereotype just shows your lack of creativity.

Aishwarya Rajesh as Kousalya

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