If you want to feel sick, watch the Netflix TV Series “Sick Note”.

The characters are pathetic, the storyline has been poorly thought of, the screenplay was illogical – overall sickening. Yet, I finished watching the full Season 1 and can’t resist going to Season 2. Yes I know, I am a sucker for British Comedy and all things in Netflix.

Daniel Glass (played by Rupert Grint) is a disgruntled employee of an insurance company in London, a girlfriend who throws him out and his whole life was falling apart when suddenly he was (mis)diagnosed with cancer. His life takes a turn for good. But he has to keep a secret along with his doctor, who both painstakingly make the situation messed up.

(From left) Tolu Ogunmefun, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Nick Frost, Rupert Grint & others. Sick Note (TV Series)

Available on Netflix India.

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