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Sick Note (TV Series)

If you want to feel sick, watch the Netflix TV Series “Sick Note”.

The characters are pathetic, the storyline has been poorly thought of, the screenplay was illogical – overall sickening. Yet, I finished watching the full Season 1 and can’t resist going to Season 2. Yes I know, I am a sucker for British Comedy and all things in Netflix.

Daniel Glass (played by Rupert Grint) is a disgruntled employee of an insurance company in London, a girlfriend who throws him out and his whole life was falling apart when suddenly he was (mis)diagnosed with cancer. His life takes a turn for good. But he has to keep a secret along with his doctor, who both painstakingly make the situation messed up.

(From left) Tolu Ogunmefun, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Nick Frost, Rupert Grint & others. Sick Note (TV Series)

Available on Netflix India.

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