Jarugandi starring Jai is a low-budget, amateurish thriller film, that just about manages to keep you from leaving the theatre due to a twist just before the interval. The movie by Director A. N. Pitchumani is unpretentious and for that alone, it is watchable.

Jai, along with his friend Daniel Annie Pope plan to start a car rental business, because they don’t have any collateral with them, thanks to a broker (Ilavarasu) they get a loan from a bank through fake property documents. Trying to hide this fraud, they get entangled with a trafficking ring – how Jai outsmarts them and come out successfully is the story. It steers clear of any comparison to Vishal’s Irumbu Thirai (2018), other than the starting bank fraud.

Robo Shankar has got 10 minutes of exclusive screen time including a song. The Music Director Bobo Shashi has overworked with the background score even in places where it was not needed.

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