I have been using dasBlog Software for running this blog ever since its start. I am extremely pleased with the software, its:

  • ease of use
  • ease of backup. just zip four folders – SiteConfig, Content, Logs & Themes
  • zero-install. just xcopy, no databases to install or configure and
  • price point (free!)

In the last 4 years, I never had problems with dasBlog, it just worked, Period. Yesterday night was different – my blog was down overnight, and it was purely my fault.

I have been following Scott Hanselman’s blog about the daily builds of dasBlog (dasblog.info), supporting Windows Live Writer Beta2 and Akismet Comments Spam support. I got adventurous, and kept copying various daily builds; on top of it, I posted some pre-dated posts from Windows Live Writer Beta 2. I suppose I somehow managed to corrupt the data files for the last two days. Today morning I realized my goof-ups, deleted two days of data files, came back to release the version of dasBlog, and posted the two entries back. (Kiran: If you are wondering what happened to your comment, you know what happened now!).

Today when I visited the Sourceforge data repository for the dasBlog builds, I saw that I could nominate my favourite project to their Sourceforge.net 2007 Awards. I went ahead and nominated dasBlog for the “Best Technical Design” category. I request all other users of dasBlog to do the same.

Finally, after nine months dasBlog is getting a new fully supported release. All the new features like Akismet support, Windows Live Writer Beta 2 Support and more are expected in the release on 18th June 2007. That’s good news and I am waiting…

BTW, I went nuts doing this post. As every time I submitted, all the images were coming broken. It turns out dasBlog replaces all occurrences of its name as hyperlinks and it can be configured in the settings.

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