Irumbu Thirai is an interesting thriller film made by debut director P. S. Mithran – he has succeeded in keeping the audience engaged for what in my opinion was a long film with a running time of 2 hours & 45 minutes. The film continues Kollywood’s recent obsession with cybercrime and hacking. Whereas Spyder and Thirutu Payale 2 were about heinous crimes, Irumbu Thirai is about pecuniary matters. The Hero Vishal, an Army officer, loses money he got as a bank loan for his sister’s marriage, to an online theft. He learns about thousands of other innocent victims who have been robbed as well and <wait for it> goes after the bad guys – a search where he learns of the dark lanes of the virtual world and finally to the antagonist.

“Action King” Arjun has played his important role effortlessly and with style – it was a delight to watch him again after last year’s Nibunan. With Thupparivaalan and now this film, Vishal seems to be taking care of the scripts he works on and it is showing up well, all the best to him for more successes. There is nothing to say about heroine Samantha, who was given a cliche role. Veteran Delhi Ganesh leaves his mark on the few scenes he comes.

While the film was an entertaining watch, I can’t say anything good about the technology shown. Many of what was shown were convoluted and didn’t make any sense. I felt like the film was bent on scaring people about anything online and AADHAAR (no politics please). With privacy concerns even with the mighty Facebook & Google, there can be no denial of online threats which are real, but scare-mongering is not the way to go about. While a feature film need not be accurate, it resides in a writer’s world that has no physical rules, yet it doesn’t hurt to educate the people with one or two safety measures – what was shown during Credit Roll was downright naive.

Overall, a thorough entertainer – enjoy it.

Vishal as Major R. Kathiravan and Samantha Akkineni as Dr. Rathi Devi

Vishal as Major R. Kathiravan and Samantha Akkineni as Dr Rathi Devi

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