My taste in films keeps evolving and varying based on how I am feeling on that day. Today, I just wanted to sit back, relax and watch a film to laugh — Who better to do that than Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean).  I watched Johnny English Reborn (2011), which was the Mr Bean version of a James Bond genre film, and I enjoyed it. The spy comedy is about the British MI 7 secret agent Johnny English preventing a plot to assassinate the visiting Chinese President, which he does by messing and missing at every step, till the very end. Only Rowan Atkinson could pull off this character, combining stupidity with loyalty to his country. Daniel Kaluuya has done well in his role as the “intelligent” sidekick of Colin Tucker. I liked watching Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl fame) in the role of a psychologist and as the love interest of Johnny English. The screenplay makes fun of other “spy” movies, British Intelligence was branded as Toshiba British Intelligence and MI7 had a slogan as “spying for you” and so on.

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