First, Director Anita Udeep and Oviya have to be appreciated for taking up subjects that are taboo in Tamil Cinema – female characters’ openly expressing their lust and drinking – till now, both these have been shown exclusively with the male characters. Even with that, I am unable to (how much ever I want to) rate the 90ml film any higher than “Rotten” on my mangoidiots scale. Till the very end, I was looking for a story but I didn’t find any, other than a few scenes it was dull throughout and that’s why the film didn’t work for me.
Oviya along with her boyfriend is the new tenant in an apartment complex, instantly (!) she befriends four other ladies, who immediately take to drinking and to talking explicitly. For no reason, there are plenty of liplock scenes – I do enjoy a good romantic sequence, but I didn’t find anything tasteful or even sensual in this film. The dialogues were better, and I am sure youngsters will be liking them. The background score by Silambarasan (STR) was good.

The film doesn’t even pretend to differentiate itself, right from word go I was reminded of “Sex and the City” (a franchise I like due to the powerful characters portrayed) and the new Amazon Prime Original “Four More Shots Please” (which I didn’t watch beyond Episode 2).

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