Semma (2018) starring G.V.Prakash Kumar and Arthana Binu is an average comedy film with a simple plot. Kulandai (GV) and Omagundam (Yogi Babu) are peddlers living in a town near Trichy and they are of simple means. Kulandai falls in love with a girl who turns him down and so does half-a-dozen other prospective brides. Finally, marriage is arranged between Kulandai and Magizhini, daughter of a local cook (played by Mansoor Ali Khan). Just before the engagement, Magizhini’s father stops the marriage after being approached for an alliance by the local MLA’s son. Did the couple join together?

In the beginning, when the marriage gets stopped, I was expecting the film to go in the route of a famous film of yesteryears Pookalai Pareekatheergal (1986) starring Suresh and Nadhiya, where Nadhiya’s father (played brilliantly by Vinu Chakravarthy) goes changing the bridegroom for his daughter as he gets richer and richer alliance – but Semma stops with the second and then takes a different turn. Director Vallikanth is satisfied with just moving each scene along, and with some comedy, that’s all.  I liked that there is nothing bad that happens in the film, no fights and no drunken pathos song.

There are no twists of any sort, still, the film is watchable due to Yogi Babu‘s comedy and running time of fewer than 2 hours.

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