Let Her Cry is a Sri Lankan Sinhala adult drama directed by Asoka Handagama. FFSI Online Film Festival has made the film available for free streaming from Vimeo.  The story is a familiar one, but the narration has been an engaging one. There are only four main characters in the film with the story revolving around them.

The story is about a deep romantic desire (infatuation?), a young lady student is having on her elderly professor. The professor, in his 60s, is well-respected, is happily married with two children – a boy studying for his graduation in America, and a girl studying in a local school. Did the professor succeed in his efforts to get her to the right path, or did he succumb to the temptations is the story.  To this confusion, the professor’s wife is dragged by the young student. The wife walks a tight rope between her belief of her husband and what the student is narrating to her, something that has been skillfully narrated by the Director.

Rithika Kodithuwakku has played well the young student’s role, and is joined by a brilliant performance by Dhritiman Chatterjee who comes as the professor. The screenplay progresses on its own pace with very little dialogues or emotional outbursts, but succeeds in conveying the intensity of what’s being felt by the three main players’ minds.

Check out this film, it may not be available for free for long.

Let her cry - Swarna Mallawarachchi, Dhritiman Chatterjee & Rithika Kodithuwakku.

Let her cry (2016) – Swarna Mallawarachchi, Dhritiman Chatterjee & Rithika Kodithuwakku.

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