alignnoneIn the Tamil stage play scene, Y.Gee.Mahendra is a celebrity and the troupe UAA (United Amateur Association) started by his late father Sri Y.G.Parthasarathy has been entertaining its audience for 66 years, certainly no small feat!

Yesterday they released their 67th play titled “3 Ji” (3 ஜி – ஆவி வந்த நாடகம்), a political comedy. The play is about an election for office bearers that’s happening in a local apartment complex, the twist is that the two contestants are being helped by Gandhiji and Netaji in their intangible forms. Y.Gee. Mahendra rocks the stage as “Damuji, the security guard of the apartment, who later turns into a successful politician – his dialogues making fun of contemporary political scenario in the state was a laughing riot. The play shines due to brilliant casting – Raghav doing well his role as Gandhiji, Ramchandra Rao as Netaji giving an outstanding performance with his formidable body language and fine delivery of Bengali dialogues, and, R. Balaji as Manickam, the sidekick to Damu, with his humour.

The play was imaginative and entertaining. The theme song was catchy too. The running time could’ve been a bit shorter, the second half felt a bit dragged especially lengthy dialogues containing history facts.

A fun way to spend an evening, don’t miss it next time the play is staged nearby.

Jayachandran (as Mohan), Y.Gee.Mahendra (as Damu) and Koushika (as Meena)

The residences of India Apartment. From Right side – Chitralaya Sriram (as Nostalgia Natarajan) and Jayakumar (as Manikandan)

A short party name – அ, ஆ, இ, ஈ, உ, ஊ முன்னேற்ற கட்சி

The spirit of Gandhiji appearing before Damu and Manickam

Spirit of Gandhiji and Netaji speaking with Damu and Manickam

Fine acting by Ramchandra Bose as the formidable Netaji

நேதாஜி, காந்திஜி, தாமுஜி, மாணிக்கம் – இந்தியா குடியிருப்பு

28th June 2019: I feel good that this post on the play was promoted (after contacting me) by Greater Cincinnati Tamil Sangam(GCTS) for their special show of the Tamil Play. Wishing all their members a happy evening.

Cincinnati Tamil Sangam

Cincinnati Tamil Sangam

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