Black Panther (2017) is another superhero film from Marvel, with the key difference of all Black cast. The story is about a fictitious African nation called Wakanda, who are an advanced civilization due to the supernatural powers of Vibranium found in abundance with them – they keep their wealth and technology hidden from the outside world. Thanks to the power of a heart-shaped herb, their King has super-hero strengths and fights bad guys. How he protects his throne from enemies within and outside is the story, told in a racing fashion by Director Ryan Coogler.

Every one of the casts has delivered a good performance, especially the lead actors – Chadwick BosemanMichael B. Jordan and Lupita NyongDanai Gurira who comes as Okoye, the head of an elite fighting force of Wakanda impresses the audience with her stunts in the fight scenes.

Leave aside the story, which is routine super-hero stuff, you should watch the film just for the grand visuals and stunts.

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