Awe (2018) is a Telugu film with a difference. Don’t miss it, if you like unconventional films. The easiest way to summarize the film without revealing the plot – a thriller involving many of the guests visiting a coffee shop.

Till the interval, we see many characters,  and for all of them it is about what happens in the present in the coffee shop, no elaborate backstories, and that’s where the storytelling excels. Brilliant work by Director Prasanth Varma. He has juggled up in the air about half-a-dozen pieces, without spilling anyone.

There are some exceptional moments and superb dialogues in the film (which I understood, thanks to the English subtitles and my little comprehension of Telugu) – like in the scene where a daughter introduces her lover to her parents – or the scene where a bonsai tree speaks about their importance to a chef.

The film has no songs. no duets. no hero. Every actor in the film has done their part very well.

Remember Awesome starts with Awe.

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