Ajay Khankhoje of Synergetics-India invited me to deliver a keynote at his company’s Annual Day event in Mumbai. It was an opportunity for me to address a talented set of software trainers, consultants and engineers.

The topic I decided to cover was “Shaping our Future”, how they can use 3 broad topics to act as guideposts in the modern IT landscape.

As Kevin Kelly says in “The Inevitables”, information is free but the experience matters. Enterprise Software has to kindle emotions, have to be smart and personalised with Machine Learning

Today software is being built as Micro Services that run as Amazon Lambda or Azure functions. Everything is getting APIfied. Not only you built your app as APIs but you need to consume/integrate with 3rd Party APIs.

Using Mobile platforms, we take it granted that apps get continuous updates. Enterprise Software needs to constantly evolve with business needs, gone are the days of 6 months release cadence. Shipping an app doesn’t end the role of a provider. You need to follow Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment employing DevOps methodologies.

I ended the session with this quote from Gen.Eric Shinseki to get the audience to embrace change

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